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Welcome to the Portland Copwatch Web Page

Portland Copwatch is a grassroots, volunteer organization
promoting police accountability through citizen action.

Learn more about Portland Copwatch               Visit some cool links
                 See our wish list (updated 8/12)  for ways to support PCW
                    Look at our Glossary last updated 2/3/15


  • Check out our newsletter, the People's Police Report (published 3 times a year)
      NEW! People's Police Report #66 (September, 2015)
           (text only-11/15)
       -> .pdf of PPR #66 (4.4 megs)
      People's Police Report #18, 44
           and other older PDFs now on line for the first time!
      See thumbnail images of issues #1- 60 of the
         People's Police Report (posted in honor of our 20th anniversary issue!)

    Shootings and Deaths in Custody

  • Information on Portland Police shootings and deaths in custody
      Weapons/Not Weapons Flash Cards for the PPB
        (added 2/21/13)

            Info includes the shootings of Aaron Campbell and Keaton Otis
            the in-custody death of James Chasse, Jr.
            and the shootings of James Jahar Perez and Kendra James

  • List of shootings and deaths 1992-July 2015 (Updated 7/10/15)

  • PCW compiles list of shootings which Oregon forgot to do
      • See our spreadsheet of Oregon deadly force incidents 2010-2014 (updated 1/21/15)
      • Read the letter to OR Attorney General Rosenblum about the list
      • Check out the article in the Skanner with an interactive map of the shootings

  • Brief Analysis of OIR Group's 2014 report on Portland Police shootings
          (3 pages, 12/17/14)
  • Analysis of OIR Group's 2013 report on Portland Police shootings
          (8 pages, 7/16/13)
  • Analysis of OIR Group's 2012 report on Portland Police shootings
          (7 pages, 6/5/12)
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    Portland Copwatch Activities

  • SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 2014, 3:00 PM
      Race and Police Accountability Forum:
      "The Ferguson, Missouri Story: What Really Happened"

      with Rev. Robert White, President of Clergy United for Peace in Ferguson
    FlyerMore infoFacebook event*

  • Portland Copwatch deflected from getting meeting with Mayor Hales April-July 2014
    Copies of "Alien Boy: The Life and Death of James Chasse, Jr" on DVD!
    Send $15 check or money order to
      Portland Copwatch/Peace and Justice Works
      PO Box 42456, Portland, OR 97242
    (Sorry, we can't accept payment for DVDs or other items via our web donation page)

  • Information on US Dept of Justice Agreement
      In 2012, the US DOJ found a "pattern and practice" of excessive force by the PPB.
       Tuesday, February 18, 2014, 9:00 AM, Federal Courthouse, 1000 SW 3rd
       Dozens testified whether the DOJ Settlement Agreement is "fair, adequate and reasonable"

       Read the court transcript

      The DOJ page on our site includes links to documents including:

       Portland Copwatch's testimony to the federal court
       on the "fairness" of the Settlement"
    (January 31, 2014):
         •   pdf format (16 pgs)   •   text format (Intro + 11 sections with links)
       Portland Copwatch analysis calling US Department of Justice / City of
        Portland Agreement "a plastic mallet to hammer in a problem nail":
        • 7-page Analysis in PDF format Analysis in html (text) format (with links)
        • Analysis of proposed changes to the Bureau's Directives

    -> Look here for announcements of upcoming
       Orientations, Your Rights and the Police Seminars
        and Copwatch Trainings
    Contact us if you want us to provide a training for your organization!

mohamed mohamud: Pioneer Courthouse 1/11/13]

  • End FBI Stings!
      The Sentencing of Mohamed Mohamud set for Thursday, June 27
                December 18, 2013.
    on hold!
      Wednesday, October 1, 2014
      Mr. Mohamud was set up by the FBI in a sting operation similar to many
      others around the nation. His January trial ended in a guilty verdict.
      The sentencing originally set for June 27 then delayed to December 18, 2013
      has been canceled while the revelation that the US used warrantles wiretaps is examined.
      Download and read our background fact sheet on FBI stings


  • Copwatch stickers available
    Hey! Would you like to have your very own Portland Copwatch sticker?
    Decorate your bike, car, backpack, notebook, front porch, or whatever!
    Send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We can send up to 8 4"x2.5" stickers for 1 stamp.

  • Changes to Portland's Civilian Oversight system
    Depsite the community waiting for nearly 2 years to strenghten the Independent
      Police Review Division (IPR)'s Citizen Review Committee (CRC), Council voted in
      only 4 significant changes to the ordinance on December 14, 2011, one of which
      weakened the CRC.

    Read more on our page about the police oversight system including:

        Portland Copwatch's analysis of the "Standard of Review" for the
        Citizen Review Committee (4/8/11-.pdf)

  • Portland Copwatch participated in the Mayor's Racial Profiling Committee
            from January, 2007 until it was disbanded in late 2008.
            (We are monitoring the Office of Equity and Human Rights' efforts to continue the work.)
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    Other Portland Police Accountability Stuff

  • Analysis of the July 2015 Police Review Board Report
  • Analysis of the January 2015 Police Review Board Report
  • Analysis of the July 2014 Police Review Board Report
  • Analysis of the Auditor's Report on Tasers
  • Analysis of the City's 2009 Use of Force Report
          (3 pages, 7/20/09)
            Includes links to the report and to omitted Bureau statistics
        Analysis of the City's 2007 Use of Force Report
          (3 pages, 4/25/07)

    Background on the Independent Police Review Division (IPR)

  • Portland Copwatch analyzes the IPR's Annual Reports:
    *       IPR 2013 Annual Report
    , More Details Expose System Failure
      (10 pages, 10/31/14)
    *       IPR 2012 Annual Report , Draws Attention Away from Shortcomings of System
      (7 pages, 5/31/13)
    *       IPR 2011 Annual Report , Shares Little Analysis, Uses New Statistics but Old Examples
      (5 pages, 7/30/12)
  • Read previous years' annual report analyses.

  • Read an analysis of the Auditor's "Independent Police Review Division",
      showing that it acts to shield police from scrutiny (5/21/01)

  • Chief Foxworth replies to eight questions from Portland Copwatch (June, 2005)
  • Portland Votes to Withdraw Officers
       from Joint Terrorism Task Force (April 28, 2005)

       Report and background information on historic 2005 vote

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  • Read a report on the Joint Terrorism Task Force (1/11/01)

    Background on the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF)

  • City Council passes "Terrorism Task Force" ordinance (11/22/00)

  • Read the Majority Report of the Mayor's PIIAC work group,
      proposing a strong police review board (Oct. 30, 2000)
  • Read our (1993- 1996) Proposal for an Effective Civilian Police Review Board
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  • See a list of the top 25 settlements for police misconduct cases,
        1993-2012 (REVISED 3/17/12)
  • Portland Copwatch sent a respresentative to the first International
            Copwatch Conference
    in Oakland July 13-15, 2007.
  • Report back on the National Conference on Police Accountability
           held at Portland State University, October 15-17, 2004.
  • Read the Bike Rider's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities
      (also available in .pdf format.)
  • Print the Oregon Homeless Rights guide
      by Oregon Law Center (.pdf)
  • Look at our Glossary last updated 2/3/15
  • Download a "No Warrant, No Entry" flyer to post at your home.

  • Look at older, but still interesting stuff on our archive page
  • Visit our list of cool links
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    Portland Copwatch
    PO Box 42456
    Portland, OR 97242
    (503) 236-3065/ Incident Report Line (503) 321-5120
    e-mail: copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org
    (Click here for other email info)

    Portland Copwatch is a grassroots, volunteer organization promoting police accountability through citizen action.

    *PCW does not endorse facebook but recognizes its usefulness as an organizing tool
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