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Compiled by Portland Copwatch.
Please credit Portland Copwatch in any republication.
Portland Copwatch regrets any errors and welcomes corrections and any further information on these or other incidents.

In early 2014, we decided to start migrating from our list of shootings and deaths in custody those cases in which it is unclear whether the use of Portland Police firearms led directly or indirectly to the wounding or deaths of the persons. We believe these incidents should have been thoroughly investigated as if the Portland officers used deadly force; most of them were not.

We have also included incidents where officers used deadly force and were investigated for it but it was not a shooting and did not result in a death.

We created this list to help keep the main list more streamlined and clear. This is a work in progress.

Email copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org with questions, corrections, updates, etc.

Posted March 13, 2014, last updated December 21, 2021

Name/age/gender/ethnicity/abilities (if known)   Date     Type of case    People's Police Report issue # (if any)


     Shane Travis, 43, male      10/21/21      Death in proximity ("suicide")      PPR 85
     Tai Anh Tran, 46, male      3/31/21      Death in proximity ("suicide")      PPR 84


     Jonathan Harris, 31, male      10/31/18     Choke hold (injured)      PPR 76
     Christopher Gene Cannard, 59, male      4/19/18     Death in proximity (car chase leads to head on crash)      PPR 75


     Quintrell Holiman, 26, male, African American      2/24/15     Death in proximity ("suicide") ***      PPR 65


     John Wimberly Smith, 44, male      4/29/12     Death in proximity ("suicide") **      PPR 57
     Christopher Karl Bullert, 48, male      4/25/12     Death in proximity ("suicide") **      PPR 57
     Ervin Jeff Dirnbaugh, 30, male      4/16/12     Death in proximity ("suicide") **      PPR 57


     George Hawkins, 43, male      10/25/08     Shooting (by railway police; PPB officers were present)     PPR 46


     Gene Amos Tawney, 55, male and Millman Napier, 74, male      12/26/97     Death in proximity (car chase leads to suspect crashing into victims)

**-These three "suicides" occurred in a two week period while the PPB was under investigation for excessive use of force.
    PCW believes they should be further examined for full explanation of police conduct.
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***-This person was chased by police after he allegedly shot at them when leaving a nightclub.
    Police fired "beanbags" and a flashbang at Holiman. Many do not believe his death was a suicide.
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