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--Please only use on line donation services if you are already comfortable doing so. PJW recoginizes inherent risks in any online use of financial information, no matter how trusted or secure.

--Network for Good allows payment through credit cards, a "Good Card" you can set up through them and PayPal (which is not as trusted).

--Network for Good is a well-trusted online service for nonprofits. However, we feel you should know that they will add a 5% surcharge to your donation in order to handle your donation to us. (Network for good is also a non-profit.) See table

--Network for Good will also require you to set up an identity with them, which may result in your receving emails from them.

--The minimum donation is $10.
      Donations can be made one-time, monthly, quarterly or annually.

--Please use the Network for Good form to identify where you would like us to direct your donation:

       ___ Peace and Justice Works General Fund
       ___ Portland Copwatch
       ___ Iraq Affinity Group
       ___ Portland SOA Watchers
       ___ Sarajevo Peace Centre
       ___ (website)
       ___ Wherever it is most needed
       ___ Towards a specific event

...and/or if your donation is in honor of/in memory of someone.

About the 5% charge Network for Good takes 5% to process your donation. They want PJW to get your full donation, so that if you donate $100, you will be charged $105, $100 of which will go to PJW and $5 will go to Network for Good. We regret that this is necessary-- but we can't set up our own online donation service, so it seems fair.

If you are wondering what the fees will be for your rounded donation:

       $.50 fee for $10 donation
       $1.00 fee for $20 donation
       $1.25 fee for $25 donation
       $2.50 fee for $50 donation
       $5.00 fee for $100 donation
       $12.50 fee for $250 donation

(Note: Network for Good only allows round dollar amounts to be donated)

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Peace and Justice Works
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Portland, OR 97242
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Peace and Justice Works is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt educational organization.
Donations are tax deductible.

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