Justice for Kendra James community information

Kendra James Trial:
Estate of Kendra Sarie James v. Officer Scott McCollister

Beginning Monday, June 20, 2005 at the Mark Hatfield Federal Courthouse, 1000 SW 3rd at Salmon, room 13B. For a flyer, click here.
The trial began at 9 AM Monday, starts at 8:30 AM Tuesday, and is unknown for start times or how many days it may run (possibly as long as two weeks, though that's looking less likely).
Remember that going to the courthouse you will go through a metal detector, need a photo ID, and will be asked to remain neutral and quiet in the courtroom.


Police Shooting of Young Woman Draws Intense Community Criticism (from People's Police Report #30, 9/03)
Kendra James Case Spurs Legislative, Policy Reviews (from People's Police Report #30 9/03)
Kendra James Case Continues to Reverberate (from People's Police Report #31 1/04)

Albina Miniserial Alliance report on the Kendra James Incident

*** Full AMA Investigative Committee report
        on the Kendra James Incident available on the AMA Coalition website. (10/6/03-moved 7/10/15)
        Click here for the executive summary of the report (9/8/03)

Read the Portland Police Bureau's response to the ten questions posed at the Kendra James Community Forum on July 1, 2003.

Previous information

Date: Friday, August 22, 2003
EVENT: Community Forum on the Kendra James Tragedy

The Albina Ministerial Alliance has completed the investigation of the Kendra James tragedy. You are invited to join us to hear the findings, recommendations, and proposed next steps. Saturday, September 6, 2003
12 noon - 3 PM
Maranatha Church of Christ
4222 NE 12th Ave.

Sponsored by:
Albina Ministerial Alliance

For more information:
Rev. Roy Tate, President, Albina Ministerial Alliance

A flyer for the event is available on our website at http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/ /kendrajamesforum.pdf

Date: Tue, 20 May 2003
EVENT: Rally&March/Justice for Kendra James Saturday, May 24th

There will be a march and rally for Justice for Kendra James this Saturday, May 24 beginning at noon at Alberta Park.

As many of you know, the Grand Jury came back Monday without a criminal indictment of Officer Scott McCollister, who shot James on May 5.

A coalition of community organizations and individuals including members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance are sponsoring the event. It begins with the rally at noon, at Alberta Park (on NE Killingsworth and 20th), with the march starting at 1 PM, heading past Northeast Precinct, and ending on the Skidmore Overpass (N Michigan and Skidmore) at the memorial site.

Please spread the word. Organizations are asked to bring banners to show their support for the struggle to end police violence. We hope that many of the groups and individuals who came out against the war on Iraq to rallies which also called for an end to the war at home will climb on board this important local justice issue.

A flyer for the event is available on our website at http://www.portlandcopwatch.org/jamesfly er.pdf

For more information or to get involved, please contact Pastor R. Wisner at (503) 287-7377 or Joe "Bean" Keller at (503) 493-3533x24.

FYI so far efforts for change are centered around trying to change the grand jury process and the laws guiding police shootings at a state level (contact Sens. Margaret Carter and Avel Gordly for more info), and the AMA is also calling for more power for the Independent Police Review Division, more diversity training, and other changes to prevent more tragedies.

We will try to keep you posted on upcoming community forums and events--some of them have been called with just a day's notice; things should slow down just a little bit now.

--dan handelman
--Portland Copwatch
PO Box 42456
Portland, OR 97242
(503) 236-3065 (office)
(503) 321-5120 (incident report line)

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