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Bike Riders' Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

1.Bike riders on roadways have the same rights as motor vehicle operators, and must obey the same laws. Bike riders must signal all turns, come to full stops at all stop signs and traffic lights, yield turns to pedestrians and oncoming traffic, etc. Oregon State law does not require that a bike rider must put his/her foot on the ground during a complete stop.

 2. Bike riders on sidewalks have the same rights and must follow the same laws as pedestrians, and must be responsible for the safety of pedestrians. This does not apply in the Portland downtown Fareless Square, where bikes are not allowed on sidewalks.

 3. Bike riders must travel as close as is safe to the right side of the roadway, unless (a) travelling at the speed of traffic, (b) avoiding hazardous conditions, (c) preparing to turn left, (d) using a one-way street. Although bike riders have the right to the full lane of traffic if necessary for safety, they must pull over at the first safe opportunity to allow faster traffic to pass.

4. Bike riders have the right to travel 2 abreast (but not more than 2), unless riding 2 abreast impedes the normal flow of traffic. However, with reference to #3, if there is not enough room for a bike and a car to travel in the same lane safely, 2 bikes may ride abreast and impede the flow of traffic.

5. Bike riders do not have to carry identification.

6. At night, the bike must use a white light in front that is visible from 500 feet away, and have a red reflector (if not a light) on the rear.

7. Bike riders under 16 years of age are required to wear a helmet.

8. Bike riders may carry loads as long as one hand is always on the handlebars and full control of the bike is maintained at all times. This does not apply to passengers, unless the bike is specifically made for more than one person.

These guidelines are taken from the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS). For more information, contact the City of Portland Bicycle Program, 823-7082, or the Bicycle Transportation Alliance, 226-0676, or at www.bta4bikes.org. Created by Portland Copwatch 503-236-3065

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